Help me Save my Broken Marriage!

Avoid divorce, don’t tear down all that you have built over the years, and your dreams – save your marriage instead!


My husband and I were happily married – as a mixed couple, we had fought for our love, so we had no doubt how crazy we were about each other.

But then we had infertility issues. We couldn’t speak about it healthily. Fortunately, we eventually had kids, which brought a lot of joy but didn’t take away our problems before the children came.

We disagreed about most things, and felt criticized by each other. I felt unloved, unhappy, lonely, and frustrated on many levels, and I didn’t trust him any more. We had grown apart, and our core values were not the same anymore.

Our conversations were not fruitful and left us both frustrated, angry, and unheard. We were also becoming more isolated. Sex was non-existent, and so we were both frustrated sexually.

We both had good jobs and some great vacations but were miserable!

This was definitely not the life I signed up for.
At this point, we had tried several counseling, coaching, self-assessment, and development sessions. We spent lots of money, time, and energy individually and as a couple trying to save our marriage over several years. They helped to an extent but never really were sustainable, and each bump along our marriage journey became bigger. We lost all hope and gave up – got a divorce!

In my quest to ensure that our divorce did not affect the kids too negatively, I was still looking for a way for us to be together in a good way. After much searching, I was sure I had found a way for the two of us to have a great life together, even apart! I continued using my newly found approach, and we even took a vacation together, no fighting, no arguments. It was AMAZING!

Using my newly found method, the two of us were much happier than we ever had been. We wanted to be around each other again.
I then continued using my new found method to revive our marriage fully. We remarried and have indeed SAVED our marriage and are now living happily ever after.

We love each other much more than when we were at the peak of our dating 17 years ago. Our kids are doing wonderful, we enjoy each other, and we are each other’s place of rest and to recharge.

Our love is rekindled, and our sex life is amazing and only gets better!

I have coached lots of women / men / couples to use my method to save their marriages and would now like to share it with the world. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Faith based on concepts I have found and keep developing . I am passionate about helping women to live their life to the fullest and in the early stages with other visionary women in forming an NGO to empower women through various initiatives like – Building Safe Homes for women and children in abusive relationships, helping put young girls back in school, empowering smart women by helping them create wealth, and succeed in their career and life in general.

Who is it for?

  • You feel trapped in your marriage.
  • You want to see a change in your marriage urgently before it is too late.
  • You want to avoid divorce, don’t want a broken home for your kids or don’t want to be a single mum.
  • You want the benefits of marriage and not divorce but can only see negatives.
  • You are dealing with infertility, and its pressure makes you want to quit.
  • You have everything yet miserable in marriage & want to save your marriage.
  • Your husband, is not interested in couple’s therapy.
  • You are are secretly having an affair or have had an affair and would like to stop and save your marriage.
  • Your husband is threatening divorce, but you want to save your marriage.
  • You have filed for divorce or separated and yet genuinely would rather save your marriage rather than go through with the divorce – but you don’t know how.

Who is it NOT for?

  • Those who are no longer interested in marriage – no matter what.
  • People with mental or behavioral diagnoses or with partners with mental or behavioral diagnoses.
  • Those who are not interested in putting in the work.
  • Married women who are unwilling to open themselves to the possibility of saving their marriage.
Module one

Save My Broken Marriage!


  • Finally, find some hope to save your marriage.
  • Understand how to enjoy life even in these uncertain times around the threat of divorce.
  • Visualize your ideal life for you, your children, and your marriage.


For many women, when our marriage is on the verge of a divorce, it occupies a lot of space. Most of us have a lot of difficult thoughts and feelings and, at the same time, 

feel discouraged and unable to find out what to do about it. 

In this module, we will look at how to talk about the issues in our marriage without pretending, and without getting frustrated. We will look at what you can do that will help move you from feeling hopeless in spite of the situation.

Module two

The One Thing That Works!


  • Explore the issues causing the breakdown in your marriage. 
  • Uncover the strengths and opportunities in your situation.
  • Finally, learn the one thing that works for you uniquely to save your marriage.


Being at the place in one’s marriage where it seems like staying is not an option but also leaving
doesn’t appear like a good option either is a tough paradox!

In this module, we will explore how we are able to completely change the course of the marriage with some very simple steps. Crafting a unique solution that fits you. Get ready to move from disaster to bliss!!!

Module three

Reset, Refocus, And Rebuild


  • Identify and uncover beliefs that may be holding you hostage to this situation.
  • Learn how to release and/or reprogram those beliefs.
  • Develop a 21-day easy-to-do master plan for getting your dream life back.


Most women know what it feels like to be in a place where we want to change the situation, and yet it feels almost impossible. There is a strong will, and yet we feel blocked in seeing the method.

In this module, we will learn guaranteed ways to leave the past behind while still being able to learn from it. We will put energy where it should go – rewiring our everyday.

Module four

Energy + The Right Actions = The Right Results


  • Learn how to keep focussed on your desired outcome.
  • Understand how to find your voice. 
  • Be equipped to lead the energy, tone, and mood in your home.


For many of us, when we start working on our marital challenges, we have good energy in the beginning, but along the way, life happens, and there is a risk that we end up falling back into our old habits.

In this module, we will explore and learn various techniques to keep you communicating with confidence, empowerment, and compassion so you can continue to heal your relationship.

Module five

The Magic Of ABC – Helping Your Partner Make Changes


  • Gain certainty that your husband is the right person and get tools to get him onboard.
  • Discover why you fell in love with your partner all over again and the keys to making that person resurface.
  • Discover the tools that will guarantee that your partner finally also starts changing and doing his part.


When one partner is putting in so much effort, it is only natural for most of us to want to see some effort from the other partner. After almost 21 days of working hard and consistently on oneself, we are more receptive to seeing the positive change in others.

In this module, we will explore some proven methods for ensuring that the change in you reflects in your husband. So that you can both enjoy a new beautiful marriage.

Module six

Making The Change Permanent


  • Understand how to leave the past in the past and start afresh.
  • Explore how to use forgiveness so that you can release pain and move forward.
  • Learn how to deal with fears that may appear so that they don’t jeopardize all of your hard work so far!


When things start working out in the marriage, after spending a lot of money and time, it is not uncommon that suddenly, small little secrets or breaches of trust from the past hit us both on an individual level or as a couple.

In this module, we will capitalize on the amazing results we have achieved in order to get us to set some deep foundations. These are the new foundations that will ultimately hold the marriage together through thick and thin.

Module seven

The Icing On The Cake


  • Finally, explore sex again with your partner as if you were newly in love – Get back the butterflies.
  • Learn how to remove the mental blocks from the past that has turned sex into a mundane activity and bring back the heat in your sex life.
  • Finally, get an open, non-judgmental forum to address all frustrations in relation to closeness, intimacy, and sex.


When a marriage is in a miserable place, chances are that there isn’t a lot of sex and intimacy and even if there is, it is likely that it is not our best experience. This is an area that can generate a lot of frustrations as our emotional, mental, and physical state affects it a lot.

In this module, we will explore how to erase the negative beliefs we have created in our mind in this area, the blockages, and the shame we may carry from months or years of disagreements, and instead, delve into how to turn each other on again!

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