Help me Save my Broken Marriage!

Avoid divorce, don’t tear down all that you have built over the years, and your dreams – save your marriage instead!

Find and Communicate Your Hope

You’re feeling frustrated, hopeless, and betrayed. You have tried many things and want to save your marriage but you just don’t know how and now you are not sure if your marriage is redeemable. Find hope and give your mind a break from feeling hopeless all the time and master skills to communicate the issues in your marriage in an impactful and healthy way.

Design A Unique Solution

You’re terrified that your marriage will end if something doesn’t change, the consequences of the divorce route on your family could be devastating. Find a unique solution for your situation with simple steps that will allow you to move from disaster to bliss.

Leave The Past Behind

You feel lonely and unwanted as you’re deprived of intimacy and appreciation. Breaches of trust in the past continue to control your present. Learn how to deal with your fears on an individual level and build a deep foundation that will ultimately hold your marriage together through thick and thin.

About Me

My husband and I were happily married – as a mixed couple, we had fought for our love, so we had no doubt how crazy we were about each other.

But then we had infertility issues. We couldn’t speak about it healthily. Fortunately, we eventually had kids, which brought a lot of joy but didn’t take away our problems before the children came.

We disagreed about most things, and felt criticized by each other. I felt unloved, unhappy, lonely, and frustrated on many levels, and I didn’t trust him any more. We had grown apart, and our core values were not the same anymore.
Our conversations were not fruitful and left us both frustrated, angry, and unheard. We were also becoming more isolated. Sex was non-existent, and so we were both frustrated sexually. We both had good jobs and some great vacations but were miserable!
This was definitely not the life I signed up for.
At this point, we had tried several counseling, coaching, self-assessment, and development sessions. We spent lots of money, time, and energy individually and as a couple trying to save our marriage over several years. They helped to an extent but never really were sustainable, and each bump along our marriage journey became bigger. We lost all hope and gave up – got a divorce!
In my quest to ensure that our divorce did not affect the kids too negatively, I was still looking for a way for us to be together in a good way. After much searching, I was sure I had found a way for the two of us to have a great life together, even apart! I continued using my newly found approach, and we even took a vacation together, no fighting, no arguments. It was AMAZING!
Using my newly found method, the two of us were much happier than we ever had been. We wanted to be around each other again.
I then continued using my new found method to revive our marriage fully. We remarried and have indeed SAVED our marriage and are now living happily ever after.
We love each other much more than when we were at the peak of our dating 17 years ago. Our kids are doing wonderful, we enjoy each other, and we are each other’s place of rest and to recharge.
Our love is rekindled, and our sex life is amazing and only gets better!
I have coached lots of women / men / couples to use my method to save their marriages and would now like to share it with the world. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Faith based on concepts I have found and keep developing . I am passionate about helping women to live their life to the fullest and in the early stages with other visionary women in forming an NGO to empower women through various initiatives like – Building Safe Homes for women and children in abusive relationships, helping put young girls back in school, empowering smart women by helping them create wealth, and succeed in their career and life in general.

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Help me Save my Broken Marriage!

Avoid divorce, don’t tear down all that you have built over the years, and your dreams – save your marriage instead!